State of Mankind – Revisiting the Data in 2023

“Progress is not a miracle, it is problem-solving” – Steven Pinker

In 2018, Steven Pinker’s #TED talk “Is the world getting better or worse? A look at the numbers,” left me feeling hopeful at a time where I felt the world was falling dark. 

However, in light of ongoing global challenges like the War in Ukraine, the threat of pandemics, and climate change, I found myself wondering if Pinker’s numbers still hold up today.

Together with Dominika Bondaryk I took a look at the recent #data of #global#progress and some indicators that Pinker had used, and found some encouraging and inspiring statistics. We have shared these findings and analysis in a brief PDF article where we dive into the data and contemplate the idea that, “maybe everything isn’t that bad after all.”

I invite you to check it out – maybe you’ll find some #inspiration you didn’t know you were looking for!


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